Chrissy’s Massage falsely accuses College Station magazine publisher of fraudulent dealings. Extensive paper-trail proves charges false. See the documents.

Brazos Business

Owners of Chrissy’s Massage Studios, in an apparent effort to avoid paying the bill for an ad they ordered in Brazos VIP, filed a false report with the law enforcement agency where one of the studio’s owners works full time, the College Station Police Department.

This complaint falsely alleges that “at no time did [Chrissy’s Massage] sign a contract or agree to a business deal.” It characterizes the magazine’s printing of their ad as unauthorized. The false criminal complaint furthermore characterizes Brazos VIP’s legitimate collection efforts as “harrassment,” representing that underlying agreement is non-existent. Accepting Chrissy’s assertion that the contract is non-existent, CSPD Detective Patricia Marty characterizes normal attempts to provide invoices, send late payment reminders, offer settlement solutions, etc… as criminal behavior. Marty is in same CSPD hiring cohort as Brannen. A complaint detailing Chrissy’s Massage owner Christopher Brannan’s false statements and misconduct has been filed with the…

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