New Student Counseling Director Hopes To Widen The Campus Lens On Mental Health

The Scene

Mental illnesses affect 19 percent of the adult population, with more than 18 percent of those adults struggling with some type of anxiety disorder. However, only half of those affected receive treatment, often because of the stigma attached to mental health or the lack of awareness around treatment options.

Outside-upclose-covey-resized (1)

Dr. Mary Ann Covey, newly appointed director of the Division of Student Affairs’ Student Counseling Service, is hoping to break the barriers and stigma surrounding mental health for the 63,600 Texas A&M University students.

“Even with all the attention metal health has received over the past few years, many people including our students are not aware of many treatment options available to them,” said Covey. “I see many students who need to sit down and speak with a counselor, but sometimes the best treatment option may be group therapy or a breathing/meditation app like Headspace to help students function in their…

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