Bryan Police Officers Receive Award for Saving Life

Congratulation to (L to R) Officer Brady Rockett, Officer Liam Stewart, Officer Jason Johnson, Sgt. Jon Agnew and Officer Melinda Fox (not pictured)


Today they were all presented with a the life saving award for their efforts in saving a man’s life on February 24th. Officers responded to the parking garage at CHI St. Joseph Hospital where a 45 year old man was threatening to jump off the 6-story tall structure . Officers began negotiations with him and were able to get close to him. The man was very distraught and Officers kept him engaged to calm him down and distract him from his intended goal of jumping. Officers put themselves at risk as they had to walk out onto a narrow beam to get closer to the male which they could easily have fallen from.

After 3 hours of negotiations the male became tired and slipped off the ledge but held onto a pipe across the top of the wall. As his hands were slipping off the pipe Officers grabbed him. It took several officers to lift his limp and tired body over the railing but eventually brought him to safety. He was taken to the hospital for a medical and mental evaluation.

Great job by our guys and gals here at Bryan PD! So proud of your efforts everyday.


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