Nine Aerospace Students Selected For positions In The US Air Force

The Scene

air-force-cadets (1) Left to right: Christopher Marcario, Brandon Wingfield, Matthew Bierwagen, Shelton Stephens, Nathan Agner, Brian Simpson, and Jake Wilcox. (Texas A&M University College of Engineering)

Ask many aerospace engineering students what their lifelong dreams are, and one common answer is to fly. For nine undergraduate students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, that dream will come true in the United States Air Force.

These students are members of Air Force ROTC Detachment 805 at Texas A&M University, and were selected for rated (flying related) positions for the Air Force. Brandon Wingfield was selected for a position for remotely piloted aircraft and Richard Hobson, Nathan Agner, Matthew Bierwagen, Chris Marcario, Shelton Stephens, Jake Wilcox, Brian Simpson and Michael Brockey were selected for manned aircraft and Undergraduate Pilot Training.

Joining the Air Force was a dream of Bierwagen’s since eighth grade. Guided by his mother to pick a major that complimented what he…

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