Prosecutorial Extortion Alleged: County Attorney Brenda Bailey Asks Business to Forfeit Valid Civil Claims in Exchange for Dismissal of False Criminal Charges

Brazos Business

Depositphotos_67917169_l-2015.jpg County Attorney Brenda Bailey offers to dismiss criminal charges because she knows they are false, but only if the falsely accused victim of malicious prosecution signs away rights to sue.

Extortion is, according to the dictionary, “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.” Assistant County Attorney Brend Bailey’s course of action after becoming aware that the complainant in her case made false statements to the police in order to cause a false arrest and thwart the collection of a legitimate bill by a local business owner.

Central to the false criminal complaint filed by Chrissy’s Massage Studios against local philanthropist and Brazos VIP founder David Flash is the claim that Mr. Flash’s company was attempting to collect a debt that had been fabricated and had no basis in reality.

Since Mr. Flash had a contract, he did not cease collection activity or cancel Chrissy’s Massage Studio’s invoice…

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