Sour Apple Repair Otter Box Vouchers May Have Been Fulfilled with Counterfeit Product

Brazos Business

According to a statement from local deal company Brazos VIP, “from 2013-2015, Sour Apple Repair sold Otter Box certificates to us that we on our daily deal website. We later learned that some end-consumers redeeming them may have been given a counterfeit product.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 1.55.43 PM.png Purchasers of the Sour Apple Repair Otter Box deal who feel they may have received a non-genuine Otter Box at Sour Apple are encouraged to contact the retailer.  As a courtesy to impacted customers, Brazos VIP will provide refunds for the asking. Just click the “Questions” link in the upper right-hand corner of to contact customer service.

“We became aware of the issue potentially impacting our Brazos VIP customers after a further investigation initiated when we were asked by Sour Apple owner Zachary Morgan to scrub Sour Apple’s Otter Box deals from the internet a year after the last one had run. We were also informed by Morgan…

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