Ice Cream Review Star’s Start: Cookie Two Step Review First Step in Becoming “Internet Famous” Ice Cream Reviewer

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

13659037_10154383154159345_4787764516236920542_n Image by Chris Field

Mercy Project Director, Texas A&M Lecturer, Marathon Runner, and Disrupting for Good author Chris Field has a hobby that has earned him national notoriety:

Chris samples and reviews Blue Bell Ice Cream in a deliciously hilarious manner known to go viral and clear grocers’ shelves of the Blue Bell flavors he deems worthy of a review.

Google “Ice Cream Reviewer” and Field comes up as the second result on page one.

Here’s the July 16, 2016 review of Blue Bell Ice Cream Cookie Two Step that started field’s path to internet fame as an Ice Cream Reviewer:

Here is my independent review of Blue Bell Ice Cream‘s new Cookie Two Step. Please note: I am in no way affiliated with blue bell and was not paid for this review. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t accept payment in the future. (Wink, wink)

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