Grits “The Wonderdog” Finds Forever Home


Long Way Home Adoptables withheld this announcement so it could be the last adoption announcement of the year. We are proud to announce that Grits the Wonderdog, was adopted last month! He came to us earlier in the year after being hit by a car and stuck in the grill over an hour on the highway, while the drivers were trying to evade Hurricane Harvey. Grits miraculously was not gravely injured, but it became clear to us that he’d never been asked to be an indoor companion animal. Indeed, we were shown photos that he had been living most of his life chained to a yellow bucket in a yard.

He had to learn the most basic things like what the function of toys were. He would carry treats in his mouth because he didn’t know to chew them. He took some work but boy was it worth it! Grits LOVED people, especially men. He was super gentle with children and became quite the lap dog! Even though he had national attention, no one adopted him for months. But now we know why. His new dad drove from Arizona and met foster mom half way in New Mexico. As you can tell, it was love at first sight for both parties. Grits acted like he had known his new dad all along, and the affection showed on his face.

Every life saved this year is special, even though they don’t all have national followings like Grits. This year has been filled with more adoptions than ever before, and we cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission, so happy endings like this one are possible!


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