Taco The Town: 10 of B/CS’s Best Taco Places

Restaurants in Bryan College Station

Here’s our guide to some of the best tacos in the Brazos Valley. Excerpts from complete articles on our favorite tacos are included below, click on the links for the whole story on each featured taco eatery. Happy eating!

Mad Taco Stands Out For Its Tortillas… & Lack Thereof

The Chile Rubbed Salmon Taco featured seared salmon with cheese, avocado, marinated red onion, chile oil and cilantro aioli. It was all wrapped up in one of the best tortillas I had ever tasted. About the thickness of a Gordita shell, warm, soft, slightly sweet, heavenly!

Proudest Monkey Makes Monster Tacos

Had a breakfast taco and a brisket taco. They were big, really big, but I ate every bite because they were good, REALLY GOOD!

Taco Crave : A Simple Menu to Rave About

The menu is simple, choose your item and choose your meat. I had the three taco plate that also came with…

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