More Dorms, Parking, Music Center Planned for TAMU Southside

Business News for Bryan - College Station, Texas

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The Southside character zone is comprised primarily of on-campus residence halls and the Corps of Cadets residence halls and programs. The zone can be loosely defined as boarded by Lubbock Street, Bizzell Street, George Bush Drive, and Thockmorton Street. The area is defined predominantly by brick buildings that range from one story (Lindsey Building) to five stories (Corps of Cadets Residence Halls). The buildings in this zone are predominantly from around 1962. The Corps of Cadets Residence Halls and Quad, built in 1938, are considered to be historic campus resources.

Future growth within the Southside zone is concentrated south of Lewis Street. The block currently contains multiple large surface lots and one low density building. The Music Activities Center (MAC) will be the first program moved to the block – including a 80,000 GSF building that will accommodate the more than 1,300 student musicians who participate in the bands, choirs…

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