Legacy Of Ranching Exhibit On Display At The George Bush Presidential Center

The Scene

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.15.19 AMThe George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is presenting  its newest exhibit, “The Legacy of Ranching: Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future,” on display from March 6, to Jan. 7, 2018 in the Ansary Gallary.

The historic ranches of Texas have endured over time because of their ability to adapt. Through diversification in agribusiness, discovery of oil and gas, or success in other business ventures, the families who built these ranches have survived. They protected and preserved their legacies through commitment, innovation, determination and sheer fortitude.

The exhibit highlights these strong legacies and examines how livestock industries helped shape the state, from early Spanish Land grants to the present-day descendants. Recordings of oral histories, an original video narrative, hands-on educational activities, and a historic chuck wagon centerpiece are all included in this impressive new exhibit.  Viewers can  share the legacy of Texas ranches with a new generation and learn about…

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