66% Off Teeth Whitening

The Deal: 66% Off Teeth Whitening


It takes more muscles to make a frown than to make a smile, but if you’re not confident in your teeth, smiling can feel like much more of a workout. Today, be proud of your pearly whites and spare your mouth muscles: $67 buys you a rapid results 12 minute whitening session at MediSpa & Salon, a $199 value.

MediSpa offers one of the most advanced teeth whitening systems available. This safe, fast, and convenient system features both tooth color correction and remarkable whitening. It includes one LED whitening session using premium gel formula. In just 12 minutes, your teeth will be 1 to 3 shades whiter.

Be confident in your smile. With a little help from MediSpa, you’ll be dazzling in no time.


“This was my first professional teeth whitening, so I did not know what kind of results to expect. I had tried a home whitening kit before that had only whitened my teeth a couple of shades. Kim explained the procedure to me, and we measured the whiteness of my teeth as a 13 on her shade guide. When the procedure was complete we checked the whitening shade guide again, and my teeth were a 3. I also noticed that all the yellow stains at the bottom of my teeth were gone. The results were even better that I had expected. I was very comfortable laying on the bed and listening to calming music while my teeth were getting whitened. It was much easier and I got much better results than the home whitening kit that I had tried. I would recommend if you have wanted to have your teeth whitened to give it a try.” Maxine M.

“Very professional, clean, explained everything that was going to happen – very pleased with results. Highly recommended.” Helen B.

“Very friendly service. Saw instant results. Highly recommended.” Sam F.

“Amazing results!!! As a professional this has given me huge amounts of confidence within the corporate world.” Cheryl G.

“I like MediSpa because it is clean and Kim makes me feel more comfortable than any of the other salons I have been. She is very quick and gentle. I recommend Kim to all my friends.” Casey class of ’10


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