Downtown Bryan Association Requests Increase to $425,000 in Funding from City of Bryan

Sandy Farris of the Downtown Bryan Association visited the Bryan City Council during a Workshop Meeting to request $150,000 in addition to the $275,000 the independent nonprofit already receives from the City of Bryan to manage events and promote Downtown Bryan. That would bring the total funding from the City to the nonprofit to $425,000.

Farris cited Atlas and Century Square as “simulated downtowns” competing with Downtown Bryan and the increased number events hosted in Downtown, up to 36 from 12 just half a decade ago, as reasons the additional $150,000 is needed.

In the meeting Farris broke out some of those 33 events and the number of people they bring to Downtown Bryan: First Friday attracts an average 3,000 people per month, as many as 7,000 on the biggest First Fridays. Ticketed events, like Sip & Shop bring 1,000 people a year. More than 10,000 people attend Texas Reds. Other events combined probably bring 4-5,000 people.

The Press asked Farris for financials back in early 2016 and again subsequent to their increased funding request, specifically breakouts of how advertising and travel expenses are allocated. Following is the response Farris sent along with download links for documents:

While our recent request has yet to receive any response, in response to our first request back in 2016, Farris said in an email to our Editor, “You have requested financial information about DBA, specifically, actuals vs budgeted numbers, itemizations of spending by vendor, and statements summarizing income by source and expenditures by category. We do not share financials to that degree of specificity. Here is what I can share with you: attached are the DBA budgets from FY14, ’15 and ’16. I’m attaching the three most recent 990’s as well, since our IRS filings are public information.”

Following is a link to video of the entire February 14th Workshop Meeting, you can scroll to Farris’ presentation:



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