Half Off Medical Massage by Mary Campise

The Deal : Half Off Medical Massage by Mary Campise


Tired of living with pain? Today’s deal from Medical Massage Therapist Mary Campise offers freedom from pain for half price: Pay $39 for a 1 Hour Medical Massage Session, a $90 value.

While some massage therapy sessions focus on relaxation only, Mary Campise’s Medical Massage sessions focus on relieving your pain and thereby enhancing the quality of your life.

Mary’s specialties include: Medical Massage, Injury Recovery Massage, Rehab Massage, Alignment Techniques, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Stretch Massage. She is an expert in her field who has been practicing Medical Massage for over 14 years, beginning advanced training as soon as she graduated massage school.

Her goal is always to give you increased range of motion and decreased pain. Grab today’s deal and start down a path toward pain free living through Medical Massage Therapy.


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