75% Off Math, Reading or Science Tutoring for K-12 Students at Athena Learning Center

The Deal: $59 buys Four Tutoring Sessions and Initial Assessment at Athena Learning Center, a $242.50 value

Give your K-12 student an advantage in their Math, Reading or Science class with todays deal on professional tutoring at Athena Learning Center: $59 buys Four Tutoring Sessions and an Initial Assessment, a $242.50 value.

Athena Learning Center is focused on helping your child improve their grades in school and preparing them for college and the 21st century workplace.

The Athena Advantage is the new standard in K-12 remedial and enrichment programs that are aligned to the high expectations of the new Common Core State Standards.

MATH: Athena’s Math curriculum blends conceptual understanding, problem solving and foundational skills. The program focuses on repairing the misconceptions of critical concepts and building routines, rituals, and data driven progress monitoring. For students who seek a purely Math enrichment experience Athena Learning Centers offers enrichment based on the Pearson EnVisionMATH program and the Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1/Geometry/Algebra 2 program.

READING: Athena’s Reading curriculum is a research-based program that gives students the specialized skills necessary for comprehending complex informational text. Their Reading curriculum teaches students how to navigate complex informational text and develops their content knowledge. Athena also has a Quick Reads program for earlier readers in grades 1-6 for students not yet ready to place into the core reading program.

SCIENCE: Athena’s Science curriculum focuses on scientific investigation, process skills, reading comprehension of complex text, and ways for teachers to probe for student understanding.

Give your child the Athena Advantage in Reading, Science or Math when you take advantage of this great deal on professional tutoring.


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