Let Cafe Eccell Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner


ce_thanksgiving2-290x290Not in the mood to cook this holiday season? Let Cafe Eccell do the work for you! Their Thanksgiving Dinner Meal includes the following:

  • 22lbs citrus and sage rubbed whole turkey
  • Caramelized onion, sweet cornbread stuffing
  • Smoked gouda green bean casserole
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Roasted poblano mashed potatoes
  • Honey banana sweet potato mash
  • Cranberry chutney sauce
  • Turkey gravy
  • 2 dozen dinner rolls
  • Choice of Chocolate pecan pie or Pumpkin cream pie

Pumpkin cream pie- Graham cracker crust with a caramelized apples mixed in with a pumpkin pastry cream and layered with vanilla pastry cream and garnished crumbled almond cookie shell.

Order online or call 979-599-7929 to order over the phone.

Free $25 gift certificate when the Thanksgiving meal is purchased before 11/15. Thanksgiving Dinner Meal serves 10-12 people. If you have questions about this meal, give them a call at 979-599-7929.

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