Advent GX Has Big Plans for Ice House On Main

The Ice House, built in 1912, may look to some like an abandoned building. To some Bryan redevelopment visionaries, it looks like 20,000 square feet of possibilities at the North end of Bryan’s historic Downtown.


Advent GX, has taken on the redevelopment project, letting the community drive what the walls of the historic Ice House will hold next.

One of the ideas is a large banquet hall for entertaining. This hall can accommodate around 500 people! There are many events that can be held here, attracting all different corners of the community to interact and attend. In the banquet hall, beautiful exposed brick will flow into the exposed wood that is the building’s support system. These features would make the Ice House one of the most unique and gorgeous venues in the community.

Another idea that’s planned is the Community Performance Space. This space will allow artists and individuals in the community to show off their talents, give lectures, view films, poetry readies, art shows, and much more! Being such an art cultured community already, this space will allow for artists to flourish by showing the community what they’ve got.

While the bigger ideas will breathe even more life into the community, there’s also the option to relax and connect over a meal. Plans for a restaurant by Ronin Cooking are in the works.

Or how about a Micro Brewery/Micro Distillery? One of the most requested concepts; this option allows the community to support local businesses with the purchases of brews and spirits.

Wherever it goes, the Ice House will once again be shaping the growing community of Bryan, Texas. To share your ideas and support the project, please visit the project’s website


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