The Republic 1836 Steakhouse Feels Like Good Friend’s Home, With Excellent Food & Wine


On Thursday evenings as soon as I open the door to The Republic 1836 Steakhouse I actually feel like I’m stepping into a good friend’s home. I’m always greeted warmly and I know I can expect excellent food, fine wines and spirits, engaging conversation and wonderful live music.

I prefer to sit at the cozy bar where you can order from the full menu. It’s a treat to watch the bar staff work together, they almost dance making everything happen just as it should.

I enjoy sipping a good tequila. I had read recently that there are some tequilas that are better when served with cinnamon and an orange slice rather than the usual salt and lime. I asked one of the bar staff about that and of course, he knew exactly what I was talking about. He chose a tequila for me, Casa Noble Añejo, and served it in a glass with the rim dusted with cinnamon and a fresh orange slice on the rim. Oh my gosh, it was unbelievably good!

I decided to have the appetizer – Salted Caramel Steak – for dinner. I substituted mashed potatoes for the french fries, which it’s always OK to do. While I was waiting for my dinner I was served fresh French bread slices with whipped butter. My meal arrived quickly and was served by a gracious waiter. The steak was medium rare, flavorful and tender. The salted caramel demi-glaze is perfect with it. The mashed potatoes were just right, firm yet creamy and slightly smokey.

While I was eating Christopher Crow (guitar) and Kat (keyboard) began playing. They are such a pleasure to listen to.

After my meal, I had an ice water with house-made blueberry/jasmine bitters.

I’ve had many interesting conversations while at The Republic 1836 Steakhouse. Some of the people I’ve met have been locals and some have been visitors from out of town. I always enjoy myself – I can’t recommend it highly enough to do it justice.

Oh, and yes, if you look behind Chris and Kat in the video, those six cabinets are filled with every kind of whiskey you could ever want

Words, Images & Video by Anna Perkinson, EatBCS


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