Tea2Go: Your Go To Place for Tea

We love Tea2Go on William D. Fitch in South College Station! There’s a cool tea shop in the Dallas airport and another one is Katy Texas that we like to visit. I’ve been wondering why Aggieland doesn’t have anything similar. Well, now it does.


It has a drive through which I have not used.  It has free wi-fi and I’ve rarely seen more than one table free as kids appear to be sitting around web surfing, or possibly doing studies. It has a fire place and bench seating and most importantly it has awesome service and great quality tea.

See, I don’t consume anything artificially flavored when there is anything natural available and these teas do have natural ingredients. Take coconut for example. If a tea here has that flavor it comes from coconuts as in the actual fruit, not an oil essence.

The staff that work here seem to be genuine fans of tea themselves and are helpful when making a selection. I asked the cashier for her favorite citrus blend just slightly sweet and see made something quite lovely with strawberry cane sugar. It was the best iced tea I have ever tasted in College Station.

If you buy one of their prepaid cards and put $20 you drink is free so do that and order the largest most expensive one they have. You’ll save $5+ that way. And if you are concerned about losing the card (over 30% of all gift cards in the US are lost and never used which is why  every retailer offers them), just ask them to link the card to your phone number and they can do that.

Words by Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter. Imaged by Tea2Go College Station.


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