Disabled Vet Highlights Military Healthcare Issue, Asks for Help


Texas A&M Former Student ant USMC and Army Veteran Joseph Hill

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when they or their loved ones become sick is getting the health coverage they need. As part of their compensation for their service and sacrifice, veterans and disabled veterans are entitled to health coverage for themselves and their families. It’s not an entitlement, they earned it. It troubles us to hear of local folks we know having trouble with the system.

We will quote USMC and Army veteran and A&M Former Student Joe Hill verbatim on what’s going on and how you can help:

I’m asking for your help:

For those of you that don’t know I am a disabled and retired veteran. For the last year my wife and I have been on my employers health insurance plan. My wife became very ill back in March and is currently disabled.

I will likely resign my job soon in order to provide her with the care she needs. This of course means giving up my benefits like health insurance. We qualify for Tricare (military health insurance) but in order to get her enrolled I have to get her in the DEERS system at the nearest military ID facility located at Ellington Field in Houston.

They only take a very limited number of veterans every day and turn the rest away, the wait time is six to eight hours if you even get there early enough to get in the que. The next nearest facility is in Bryan, Texas. At that facility they are only open Tuesday and Thursday and they only accept 15 veterans per day, the rest are turned away. But that does’t really matter because the Bryan facility is closed FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.

The next nearest facilities, which have their wait times listed in excess of four hours, are in Killeen and San Antonio. This is beyond reasonable and virtually impossible with a disabled wife.

This is what I’m asking:
1. Please share this post
2. Please email Governor Greg Abbott and politely let him know that veterans and their families are suffering and unable to access basic care due to prohibitively long wait times, especially at ID facilities. You could even cut and paste this post into the comments section here:

click “I am registering my opinion”
or you could send him a message on Twitter: @GregAbbott_TX

3. If you do decide to help, please don’t be rude or insulting; none of us have to lower ourselves to the level of our presidential candidates. Thank you. God Bless America.


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